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I am confused. Anyone who knows how to read lab results please help!

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 I went to my primary physician and she has been ordering my labs for me because my HMO stinks and they have neglected to process authorization for me to see an Infectious Disease doctor since I had Malachi. My primary physician is a Family doctor. She doesn't know much about HIV. In January she sent me to the lab to get my CD4s and my viral load. For some reason the lab never sent the results to my viral load. In January, my CD4 was 1088, my CD4 % was 33. I was really pleased. I haven't been on meds since March of 2005.

I just got a new set of labs this month. She ordered a viral load and CD4 and this time the results of my CD4 was never sent. Just the viral load. She was not able to explain the results to me. She seemed really confused. I got copies of them so I could take them with me to Florida. This is what it says.....

   COPIES/ML                             1310 H                COPIES/ML     <400
   LOGCOPIES/ML                        3.12 H                LOGCOPIES/ML <2.60

I just wanted to know if anyone knows what this means. Can someone explain them to me. I am kinda confused.

Thanks a lot!


Hey Rasheen,
First I am not a Dr. but will be glad to share what I know.
Viral load is saying less than 400
Viral Load  is a count of HIV particles per milliliter of blood.
If it is less than 400 then you are undetectable (not cured)
There is a supersensitive test that can go lower.
I do want to ask one question and that is have you ever been tested for HIV and was it Positive I am asking because there would need to be a reason to do CD4 and Viral Load testing.  This is usually if you have tested Positive on and HIV test and confirmed with a Western Blot.  Here is the link to's lesson on Viral Load Tests

Ok, I think your labs are saying your VL is 1310 and that the <400 is just a reference point.  Either number would be considered great (treatment is recommended for VL over 50,000), so don't sweat it. 

I would not worry about being off of meds right now until you get your next set with cd4.   

I think you're totally fine, dear.




She is Rasheen from the blogs....  This is her first succesful viral load test she has had.  Her doctor was unable to tell her what it meant....  I hope she was positive before she met me......  if she wasn't, she is now! ;D

Rasheen, I suck at reading and interpreting lab work, I am glad several people have stepped up to help :)

And Tom.. eep!



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