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The results are in...geesh


The Dr called me and told me I have genotype 1 and 2 hepatitis...

I will have to start treatment, but she said I can wait till September, after the summer,
so that's what I am going to do..

I was hoping I didn't have to go though this, but I gotta do what I gotta do..

If anyone of you ever been on those hep c meds..please give me some feedback.
The Dr said because I am co-infected, I will be on meds for 12 to 18 months..
oy ve..
She said I would lose weight.. ;) that's OK I needed to lose weight anyway, but I will
look sick and hair could possibly thin out...
She said I would be depressed on this medicine, so they will help me with that..

Boy I am not looking forward to this crap.... :'(

From now until September, Ill have plenty of time to let this absorb into my brain, and hopefully, feel more comfortable than I do right now..

If anyone has any input on this, please respond..

I know we are all different and meds
might effect some people different that others, so time will tell.... :(

Miss Philicia:
Hey darling.  I can't be of any help in regards to a Hep C co-infection, but I'm thinking of you mightily right now.  There certainly are a few folks dealing with this, but I think you may have wished for this thread to have been in "Living With" where some more people might have seen it.  Perhaps you should consider PMing a moderator to move this, if in fact you don't receive enough replies.

Best of luck,


Oh my, Ubbots.  Got your pm.  I'm so sorry things worked out this way.  I don't have any feedback on the meds for Hep C.  Will it be Interferon?  I would also suggest moving this to living with forum to get more responses, maybe from some of the people who have HIV/hep C.  You're always in my prayers.  Hang in there with us.


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