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OK... this is a stupid question.   ;D

I have fragile skin do to my Porphyria and Hemochromatosis.

Just the lightest bump of my leg on anything, like a table breaks my skin and it bleeds.  My little Missy loves to lick my wounds and my mother is worried that I could infect her with HIV.  I don't beleive it is possible and have told her that.

But, I thought I would the experts here in the forum.


PS.  Missy and I also drink out of the same glass.  lol

dogs and cats can not get hiv

Unless Missy is a chimp, Missy can't get HIV. Even if Missy is a chimp, she would simply throw off the infection.

Remind your mom that the H in HIV stands for Human. Much as we love our pets, they are not human. Better than, maybe :)

That's what I thought... thanks for the reassurance.   ;)


Andy Velez:
Patrick, since you're HIV+ I am going to move this over to the Living With Section.



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