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Hiv and cancer treatment


Hello everyone, this is my first time to address this group and topic. I have been hiv positive now for over 13 years and have been doing very well with the coctail treatment that i have been on
 This past week i have been told that i have colon cancer and i am pretty shook up and scared.
 Has anyone out there had this and could maybe give me some sort of idea as to what to expect from radiation and chemo ? Also how will this effect the HIV ? Any comments would be of such help.... Thank you

Hey Dodger,

I am sorry for the turn of events in your life, but glad you have found us and have joined in.

I haven't had any experience with colon cancer, but have worked with people who have had other types of cancer along with HIV.

I know that cancer treatments may affect the immune system and cause a drop in CD4s. Has your doctor gone over any of the treatments and side effects with you?

I know others will chime in here with their knowledge and experience. I just wanted to let you know I will be keeping you in my daily remembrances and sending copious amounts of positive, healing energy your way.

Let us know what you doctor says and how you are doing.



I went through colon cancer treatment 20-plus years ago with the non-biological grandfather who raised me, followed by a close friend in her mid-fifties whose son was battling AIDS at the time.  Radiation left my grandfather with burns on his 64yo skin, and they took months to heal.  Chemo took Jeannette's hair and nails rapidly, and she required a feeding tube immediately as she had little weight to lose. 

Both required a colonostomy soon after treatment.  My grandfather lived another 17 years, three years beyond receiving word that cancer had surfaced again, though he refused treatment and did not tell anyone about it.  Jeanette's son died four years later, and she lived another 7 or 8 years past that heart break.  However, she suffered a double mastectomy..."Just give me some tweezers and a couple Band Aids, I'll take 'em off myself!".... during that time.

As Mark pointed out, the treatments are going to whack your CD4s hard, so expect that prophylaxis against OIs will be required and be damned certain that your oncologist and your HIV doc are in close contact.

Where are you located?  We might be able to drum out some local contacts for you!


Dodger, I have no experience myself with colon cancer, but just wanted to let you know I'm saying a prayer for ya. :-*


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