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A few general questions about an exposure......Thanks in advance

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To preface my questions:  This situation occured this past summer, and yes, I have procrastinated getting tested due to anxiety.  I am going to get it over with this weekend and face my fears, and hopefully put them to rest.

If anyone can give some advice or help it would be appreciated.....

I had unprotected insertive vaginal intercourse with a female of unknown status.......who in hindsight, was either beginning or ending her period due to light bleeding.  I am a circumsized male, and this exposure lasted around 30 seconds.   2-3 weeks after this encounter, I visited San Diego..........from Chicago, and also visited Tijuana.  I ate alot of food and drank some alcoholic beverages down there, and within 24-36 hours got nasty flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, nausea, sweat rash) which resolved completely the next morning (about 12-14 hours of feeling sick).  Now I know there is no way of knowing FOR SURE without testing, but......does this sound indicitive of ARS, or would ARS typically manifest itself for longer and more severe???

Secondly, I also developed a case of molluscum...........which my dermotologist didn't seem to be worried about, said to "wear a condom next time".  I looked online and lots of websites claim that molluscum is often "the first sign of HIV in alot of people".  There seems to be a lot of conflicting info, so I guess I am just hoping for a little reassurance on my way to getting tested. 

Lastly, on the topic of these "statistics" posted everywhere, 0.1 and 0.2% seem incredibily low for a one time exposure..............and I understand that there is a variety of factors which make infection very hard to predict.  Are these statistics basically reflecting how hard it would be for HIV virus to enter the urethra and be absorbed?  Or assumming they were absorbed, could there still be a chance of avoiding infection due to chance or your immune system killing HIV before it inflitrates host cells?  Any advice or comment would be appreciated, thank you so much in advance for all you do!!!  (tried to ask as much as I could so I don't clog your site with more posts) thanks again!

Matty the Damned:

In all that you posted this:

I had unprotected insertive vaginal intercourse with a female of unknown status

. . . is the only part that is of any real importance.

Yes you've had a risk and you need to be tested for HIV as a result. Nevertheless HIV is a difficult virus to transmit, particularly from female to male. The likelihood that you will test positive for HIV as a result of this encounter is very small indeed.

You should know that other STD's such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea are much more prevalent and transmissible than HIV and you can carry these with no symptoms at all. Therefore you would be wise to arrange to have a full STD screen. A full screen will include, but is not limited to, an HIV antibody test.

The window period for HIV testing is 13 weeks, but given this incident occurred in the past Northern summer, you can be tested for HIV right away and the result will be conclusive.

Please take the time to read our Welcome Thread and follow the links to our Lessons to learn more about how HIV is and is not transmitted.


Thank you for the prompt reply,

I am getting tested this weekend, I understand that it's very cut and to quantifying your risk and getting a test.  I guess it's kind of a catch-22 that they put so much information that makes people think so extensively on the web.  On one hand, it seems like there are thousands of infections due to heterosexual sex each year..........yet looking at statistical charts, receptive oral sex (which I think alot of girls dont even consider a risk at all) is a 1/10000 exposures, and insertive is pretty close at 5/10000..................yet hearing from knowledgable people on the subject..........the risk of insertive vaginal seems like it's light years away from oral in terms of risk.  Just a thought..........thanks again!

Matty the Damned:

Numbers, shumbers.

Let me tell ya' all those lists and tables on risks and probabilities that you've found in your panicky travels over the internets in the last few months mean nothing.

You'd do best do dump all that junk and just go and have the test done. I'm betting that in terms of HIV you're gonna be ok. I can't guarantee it, but then nothing is guaranteed in this crazy life.

More importantly make sure you have a full STD screen done too. Things like chlamydia and gonorrhoea are nasty diseases and need to be taken seriously. They can have serious long term consequences, such as making you sterile.

Be well,


Yes, I had a feeling that not many here put faith in the statistical side of HIV transmission.  I think the reason there is so much discussion and why the topic gets brought up so often is because you have the CDC, and many reputable websites quoting these stats often in response to people who have had legitimate, and illegitimate risks.

I don't keep addressing this as scapegoat for testing......................I have put myself at risk, bottom line.........and I fully understand there is a chance I could have contracted HIV, among other STDs from this.  Testing is warranted.

I have seen Andy address many peoples questions regarding the last question, and forgive me if I'm being annoying, but I am truly interested.  Andy, and others have stated that barring extenuating circumstances.........fellatio transmission of HIV is really only "theoretical" and does not have all that much bearing on "real world" situations and risk.  Yet, numerous credible agencies quote this risk as 1/ with all the insertive vaginal transmissions from woman to heterosexual man........wouldn't the stat of 5/10000 be EXTREMELY higher than such a "theoretical", unproven risk?


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