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On the brink of breaking down

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hello everyone

I'm new to this site but i feel so much at home that i'm ready to let it all out.That is all my thoughts and fears. I've been HIV positive for 13 years now, never been hospitalised or seriously ill. Of late i've been feeling quite dizzy that sometimes my vision becomes blurred, Went to the doctor yeasterday and did CD4 count test. I'm waiting for the results that may take up to 4days.I'm so nervous and worried , just have a feeling that maybe this might be the beginning of the end. Dont get me wrong i'm very healthy, A bit overweight even. Maybe I  Just need to talk to someone and i hope i've come to the right site

Thank you


Dan J.:
What drug combo are you on? Dizzyness/blurred vision is a side effect of some of the drugs.  I have felt the same way many times. Try not to worry so much (which is hard to do) wait for the bloodwork to get back.

You are definantly in the right place. Why don't you start a introduction thread in living with?  You will get the proper welcome there.

Welcome to the forums,


Miss Philicia:
How long has it been since your last blood work, and what were the numbers?  Unless it was ages ago because you've neglected to regularly endure doctor's visits then you are most likely worrying over nothing.

I hope you are comfortable discussing this further, and welcome you to the board.

i have never been on the drugs . I was just thinking maybe it could be because i recently quit smoking . Thought it was high  time i thought seriously about the negative effects smoking has on my health.
I will try and post my intro in the Living with that you mentioned.

Thanks Dan

My last bloodwork was 7 years ago in 2000, Then i cannot even remember what the blood count was. Frankly speaking its only now that i'm thinking of visiting the doctor regularly and taking charge so to speak!! All along i've just been taking each day as it comes!


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