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JR Gabbard:
Hello everybody!

   Since we are all crawling out of the woodwork, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is J. R.  I live in San Francisco, CA, been here for 17 years now.  I am an attorney, and I have AIDS.  I tested positive in October 1991 (me and Magic!), and its been mostly uphill since then.  First bout with PCP in 1996, (in the middle of law school), second bout in 2005, which I am just now fully recovered from.  On meds, responding well, side-effects kicking my butt, but I cope.  Since I took my first test in '91, and it was positive, I can only guess at when I was actually infected.  I assume that it was in the very early '80's, but it  could be as late as 1989.  Anyway, I lived life after about '82 assuming that I was infected.

   All through school, I supported myself as a bartender in various gay bars throughout SF (and before that Denver--Charlie's).  My favorite job by far!!  (I'm a people person, how cheesy is that?)  Until last year, I had a trial practice, defending tenants in eviction actions.  Trying cases is the coolest thing I have ever done in my life!  It's not my favorite job only because it is a total drain on your karma.  In every case, someone wins and someone loses--the best you can hope for is karmic break-even, and that is rare.

   I am now living on Social Security Disability (to the extent that is possible), and I am deliriously happy (to the extent that is possible).  I stay involved by going down to the courthouse a couple afternoons per month to serve as attorney-of-the-day, helping unrepresented parties with settlement conferences.  I am also working on a new project, but more about that in a second.

   My current passions are:  Jasimine tea, which is excellent for nausea--almost better than... well, you know ;) and city building games currently "Children of the Nile" previously Pharaoh and the rest,  and am anxiously awaiting the release of Ceaser IV  My hubby considers these "the other man" if that tells you anything about my obsession!!

   Okay, the new project:  I have decided to open an internet law practice, with my own website devoted entirely to AIDS and the law.  Unlike most lawyers with AIDS, I got it before I went to school--in fact testing positive was the event that spurred me into action.  Had to do something big before dying.  You can imagine, then, that the whole topic has preoccupied me somewhat for my entire career, and I have accumulated some knowledge in the area.  I had a gig putting people on SSDI/SSI working at an ASO, and I represented myself in my own application, so I have some insight.  I also know that the help that is currently available, through ASO's, is utterly inadequate.  Never once got the help I needed.  AIDS seems to be nothing more than a stepping stone for young attorneys on their way to something greater.  Not for me; it is my life.

   I want this to be a FUBU operation (For Us, By Us), so I need your input to make this work.  I need content, and I think the best way to generate it is to answer your questions.  I DO NOT want to hijack, though.  So, to the extent this is permissible (Mods...) if you post a question here in Living with HIV, (i.e. start a thread) or send me a private e-mail (address is in my profile), I will post an answer.  I will back up my responses with my license (which can be verified on the California State Bar website  Be aware though that the first words will probably be "You need to speak to a local attorney" due to jurisdictional considerations.  But I can give you some tips to make that interaction work better for you.  I generally check this forum in the morning and in the afternoon, Pacific time.

   I worked up a response to Zephyr's post about the recent California case, and tried to post it in a new thread but utterly screwed it up--tried to attach a file that was too big and lost the entire message.  I was going to post it a few days later, but the thread seemed to have died out.  If anyone wants it, let me know.

   So, there you have it.  Free legal advise.  Who could ask for more? 

Hope to hear from you soon,

J. R. Gabbard


--- Quote from: gabbardjr on July 14, 2006, 02:56:33 PM ---tried to post it in a new thread but utterly screwed it up--tried to attach a file that was too big and lost the entire message.  I was going to post it a few days later, but the thread seemed to have died out.  If anyone wants it, let me know.

--- End quote ---

that's why i use notepad and the desktop (which is full of those little white icons) (burned too many times!)  :D

welcome :)

Rob - Dublin:
Hi J.R.

From one legal eagle to another, welcome to the family. I'm here a few months now and it is a super group and super resource (and I'm not charging you for that simple piece of opinion - unlike I do in the day job!!)

Great project and if I can assist you on this side of the world with any jurisdiction issues, please ask.


Welcome to the forum family!


Hello JR,

 Welcome to the site. Free legal advice !!! What a deal !! Would you happen to know anyone in the pharmaceutical  or medical field !!

Thanks for sharing Jr. Will be looking forward to hearing more from you. I am sure you will get plenty of questions, and I have a feeling I know what a lot of those questions will deal with.

Take care of yourself---------Ray


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