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Just in case you were wondering.

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OK, today started out in front of the toilet AGAIN! and I am wondering when this nasty side effect from Trizivir is going to stop.  I guess maybe my body is not cut out for AZT, which is a tad bit worrysome, as my virus seems to only be sensitive to AZT now.  I am going into Tucson next Monday to see my doctor, and then I will know my current numbers and chat with him about what my options are.  I do know something already, and that is I am so tired of being sick. 

I also signed up with Body Positive in Phoenix, to join a final stage study to conquer Peripheral Neuropathy.  I am not sure what the details are, but I do know someone who was in the first phase in San Francisco, and he had almost total relief from his treatments.  He was in a wheelchair, and in the space of two months was able to run the Bay to Breakers Run.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a foot race across the city from the bay to the ocean, or a run of about 7 miles and across five hills.  I know I would be happy with any reduction in pain, but to be able to run and walk again without pain would be Nirvana.  This is my first "Study" and I just figure it is my turn, as many of the friends I have buried in the past, were immersed in studies all the time, and for them, I guess it is time I went to the head of the line. 

OK, now back to relaxing in front of the TV.  I just have so little energy these days, and am so sorry that I don't have the mental fortitude to sit down here each day and communicate with each of you that I have grown to love so much.  I just cannot find the energy anymore.  I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, as my body is obviously in quite a struggle with these poisons.  For those of you who are medication naive, please stay that way as long as you possibly can.

In Love and Pain.

You're not alone Timmy.

(who is feeling pretty wrung out today too)

Kisses for you my friend. :-* :-*


Know that I'm sending good thoughts your way and you are in my prayers. You sit, relax, and take care of yourself.

Much love :-*


Good luck with the PN study. I hope you get relief from the pain that you've been dealing with.

Do you know any details of the study?  Are they trying a new drug? Capcaisin patches?

I've had PN for the past ten years. Not disabling, just very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. I tried acupuncture, but I gave up after 8 sessions that gave no relief. I participated in a study for something called Nerve Growth Factor--also no relief (even though I found out I was in the non-placebo arm of the study).

Looking forward to hearing the results from your study participation.

Take care,


I hope your feeling better soon. Take good care of yourself! Make sure your fluid intake stays up, try to eat small meals throughout the day, and rest. I have been plagued with belly problems for most of this past year, and they can be so draining.



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