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Even after my negative test result, and your assurances...and therapy...I am nearly dying of anxiety and fear.  The reason is that my exposure risk was so high (anal receptive unprotected) and now, almost a year later, I have symptoms that are unexplainable, even to my doctor.  An irritated throat (thickness, rawness) ear congestion for more than two months, my tongue looks ravaged, I have lost a total of almost 40 pounds since my encounter, strange burning sensations on my skin that could be peripheral neuropathy, feeling them for almost 2 months.  I can't get past the fear that my test failed somehow...Oraquick Advance Rapid, the oral swab kind.  Did they tell me the results too quickly?  Does the control line appear only if there is a good sample and it is processed properly?  Could I have seroconverted late?  Please, I know you can't play gods or anything, but what should I do?  My doctor knows my issues and the possible exposure, and he seems to shrug off my symptoms because he says I am obsessing about HIV.  Can I really trust him and the test?  Such a simple little test for such a great big monster.  Please help.


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