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I Will Not Be Attending Montreal Gathering

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i don't know the situation or the real story nor do i care to.  What i do see here is hurt.

Let's let this private situation remain private and not comment on it further for both of them.

I encourage people to make supportive messages to both in this time, but lets not drag this into the forum because it has no place here.   Yes there will be residual pain, and we can help with that, but we do not need to know or want to know the details.  since they are both members it seems unfair to make people pick sides and I don't like that, but it happens.  people will. 

I hope you are both welcome here in the future and please don't leave because of someone else.

Andy Velez:
Dear Rich and All,

There is already a thread about this in the Montreal section. For those who want to they can follow it or respond there. I'm going to lock this one.


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