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I Will Not Be Attending

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Deleted for a good reason.  This is really NOT who Rich is.

I'm sorry that you won't be attending Rich. I was looking so forward to seing you again.
My heart is heavy for you, and Hermie too.
I'm not sure why you feel that you cannot continue to be a participating member of the forums, but I do understand a painful heart.
I hope you are able to acheive some healing. I'm sorry hon.

I'm also sorry you're not going Rich.   I know you are hurting, I wish there was something I could say or do to make it better for you.

With love,

Alan  :'(

Andy Velez:
Rich, perhaps with the passage of some time you may feel differently about remaining a part of AIDSMEDS. The door remains open.....

Beyond that I will just suggest forbearance on the part of those who are involved in this situation in one way or another so that we can keep this from turning into a fracas here. Thanks in advance for that.


Dear Rich,

I have a shoebox full of picture postcards from around the world.  They were sent to me in Hawaii by a man who worked for one of the huge computer companies as a Systems Analyst.  Every time he was on assignment, he mailed a post card and when that assignment was finished, he jumped on a flight to Honolulu to see me.  He gave me a diamond he picked up in Brazil, paid half of the deposit on a rented Penthouse apartment, offered a life in Japan, Germany or Spain because he was offered a permanent position with the company and wanted me with him.  I was to be ready to move in 6 months.

When that six months was over, he chose to stay in Washington DC and continue to travel for the company and I returned the diamond.  I never saw or heard from him again and somewhere in the world, there is a Systems Analyst making a promise to another man, which he will not keep.  I had the best times with him but did let him go and moved on myself, with no hard feelings.  That is life my friend, we move on.

I never thought about going to Montreal because I can not afford the costs.  I am dirt poor and struggling every day of the month to keep the bills paid with food in the house and the utilities connected.  This will not stop me from being part of the forums, I am looking forward to hearing and sharing the joy from the members who can attend and hope to see some pictures.

In a perfect world, if there is such a thing, I hope a AMG gathering might be held in San Francisco because I can go there and still pay Mr. VISA and Mr. Mastercard and Mr. Rent.  In the mean time, if Herman or David or any other member of the forums (including you) has something thought provoking or interesting to discuss, I will participate.  Have the best day


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