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--- Quote from: Dachshund on July 18, 2006, 01:15:25 AM ---I will never feel the same about this site again...Aldous poisoned this site, and you and everyone knows that. Every person of color...every gay...and I would have thought every woman understands.
--- End quote ---
The more this jerk speaks, the more he proves himself to be a bigot and a homophobe.  And that so-called progressive straight white folks quickly jumped to his support, (with their oh so whiny I've been discriminated too by black people at the welfare office), shows their colors too.  And their oh so patronizing, "maybe he didn't say it the right way."  The right way....maybe he said it all the wrong way INTENTIONALLY.  Maybe THAT was the point.

Whatever.  This is nothing new.  We have to deal with these lots in the real world.  I'm just glad to finally see it out in the open.

If you folks wanna hear horror stories about being discriminated let us know.  But I'm sorry, being treated like shit at a governmental office, (like every other person), and not seeing a fucking poster in your clinic with a straight white person on it, ain't much to complain about!  I'll give you some stories about being treated like SHIT by straight WHITE women, since this has turned into nothing more than a let's see who has been treated worse by black women affair.

Ditto on the never feeling the same about this site again.  People's true feelings and perceptions came out loud and clear and that was probably the only productive thing about this thread.

AKA- "Urban" Male soon to be in prison, with the rest of my "Urban" "Peeps".

Matty the Damned:
I have to disagree with Aunty Doxie (Hal) and Cliff on one small point. Aldous hasn't poisoned this site, at least not for me. I have to say that I'm not surprised that some people took the positions that they did. They ran true to form as far as I would have assessed them at any rate.

But what of it? That one blowhard has carried on like an arse isn't really cause to start leaping from the top of buildings nor swallowing handfuls of phenobarb. This thread will sink like the shit that it is and we'll all get on with what we normally do.

Posting results, sharing sad and joyful news, supporting one another when we have to, posting witty and interesting things in Off Topic, bickering over the various issues that divide us. All in all, we'll just continue on as the AIDSMEDS Community Forums.

And Aldous will slither back into the sewer he came from. Isolation is the bitter fruit of his labours here.

Check the run of posts in this thread. The numbers are against him. Not just because of the preponderance of gay men, but note the wise views of members like Trish. She's not having any of Aldous' shit either from what I can tell. I think it fair to say the majority of regular contributors feel likewise about this.

Fret not brothers and sisters.


United we stand.
Everybody should have equal access but no one should try to carve out his (her) place at the expense of (other) minorities, esp. since the latter were so valuable in creating the first response to the aids epidemic and against such odds.
(OK now I have to go to see my psychiatrist (who's straight, asian and has a baby boy)-not to be confused with my psychologist who's straight, white and jewish or my ID dr who's asian, straight and who dyes his gray hair black).

This thread started off as an interesting discussion but it's gone to pot now it's just people having digs at each other.  Aldous has made some interesting points which seem to have been largely ignored he of course hasnt done himself any favours with the de-gaying comment amongst others.  Just to clear up the 'good aids' comment incase it angered anyone i'm hoping he got it from a sketch by the satirist ( comedian Chris Morris.  You could probably find it on youtube but i'm not going to link to it because I would have thought some people would find it quite offensive I don't think some british comedy goes down too well in other places!

Andy Velez:
Hi All,

There's been a range of opinions expressed here. I think it's time to lock this thread. If there is anything more that anyone including Aldous feels needs to be said I suggest a new thread.

If that happens, hopefully it will be one which reflects some consideration of the various points of view expressed here and not simply a re-stating of the same positions with provocations built into them.



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