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"people end up getting me wrong all the time"

People end up getting you wrong because you come off wrong...don't lecture homosexuals about discrimination. As a heterosexual male you have no idea what it is to feel true discrimination and homophobia. For every example you have of perceived discrimination I can give you a thousand more examples. Don't play that will lose. "Culturally European Heterosexuals" might be an appropriate term when addressing the Klan, but it has no place here. It reeks of racism. I hope you find a therapist of your choosing...I think you have other issues you need to address.

I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I smell bullshit, and I ain't stepping in it.


I suggest you read your offerings here in the mirror to yourself, as the only venomous statements made so far, are by yourself.

Have a wonderful day, and welcome to unvarnished truth.

In Love.

Welcome to the fora.
IMHO you could work a little harder at getting over yourself.

I think you bring up some important discussion points, in terms of the level of services available for heterosexuals.  The problem is, you throw in all this other crap that does nothing but inflame the reader, and you end up losing everyone.  The Culturally European thing is a prime example....although, I'm not even sure what the hell that means.

You could take the approach of working with other groups to improve the level of services for heterosexuals or you could just bash everyone and accuse everyone of being out to get straight folks (or straight men).

I've never heard of a counseling center deny people the right to choose a counselor based on sex or sexuality.  I think you aren't giving us the full story here.  If they sent you away because you had too much anger, then perhaps that says you need to look at your approach and how you phrase your thoughts.

It sounds like your agenda is not to improve services for heterosexuals or drug users, but to antagonize other groups (gays, Africans, etc..) and those in positions of authority whom you perceive to be persecuting you.


--- Quote ---I think the thing that hacks other positive people off is this notion that I'm saying I've got 'Good AIDS' through an innocent accident
--- End quote ---

Is there such a thing as good AIDS?

Being a heterosexual man with AIDS, I take issue to your attempt to classify us as anything but PEOPLE , humankind, living with HIV/AIDS.  I was welcomed here and in my community with open arms and have developed some very strong relationships with gay men.  My best friends. For you to make such statements appears to be an effort to put yourself in your own elite classification.  HIV clearly does not discriminate, and what makes a man with "good AIDS" any more deserving than one with "bad." 

Why is it so important to have a straight counselor?  Personally, I would want someone who has humanistic traits, and frankly, I have seen more of those characteristics in gay men than hetero.

There are others here that have been infected by needlestick and have no such arguments.  I think that your issues lie deeper than you let on.

Fighting a battle against stigma, with stigma is a losing venture.

I wish you luck my friend


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