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In need of some advice and assurance

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Iím a heterosexual male in need of some advice and assurance.
Itís been 7 weeks since I went astray by engaging (1st and last time) in a sexual encounter with a china lady at a local massage parlor.
Received protected oral sex and had protected intercourse.
However I did performed cunninglus for about 30secs each before and mid way during intercourse (might had swallowed some fluids) and fingered her deep, unknowing that this could also spread HIV.
When asked she swears that she does not have the virus and was tested yearly.

Have been having white tongue (my doc does not believe its thrush and says its some kind of healing tissue.) and sore throat since 2 days after the encounter, however this could be due to my rigorous smoking ever since the encounter. (Helps me forget the episode).
whithin the 1st 2 weeks also experienced chills,slight fever and loss of appetite.(Could this be anxiety??)

Got tested at 4 weeks and results were negative. However at the 5th week was having dry skin, itchiness all over the body (with tiny red bumps which looks like hives) and muscle ache.

My doctor says that my symptoms are due to my stress and anxiety. I do also feel very guilty and disappointed with myself for putting myself in this position.

My concern is what are my chances of contracting HIV or any other STDs? Should I be concern when testing at the 3 month mark?Should I even test at all?

Lastly, what are the risk of hiv transmission via cuts in the mouth and troat?
Would really appreciate your kind advice.

Matty the Damned:
You had protected sexual intercourse. You don't need to be tested at all. Your doctor is quite correct. Your stress and anxiety is what is making you feel ill.

Whilst all sexually active adults should have a full STD screen test at least once a year (twice is better), I don't see any need for you to test for HIV as a result of what you describe here.

Please take the time to read our Welcome Thread and follow the links to our Lessons to learn more about how HIV is and is not transmitted.


Hi Thanks for your prombt reply. Does it means there's no chance at all of being infected with HIV(Even with all these synthoms). My mind is going crazy. Really need to take the test at 12 weeks to calm myself down.


As you've been told, NOTHING you report was risky for hiv infection. You didn't have a risk.

If you feel unwell, go see your doctor again. Whatever is going on has nothing to do with hiv.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for replying. My anxiety feeling has decrease after lurking thru this website for the pass few weeks.It's all thanks to you guys whom have been tirelessly helping others.

As of now, i will be waiting for the 12th week to get tested and hopefully i can put all these guilt behind me and move on.



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