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anxious mom 2:
I asked a few questions on the old forum under anxious mom and was uncertain how to continue that thread.  My questions are:

1.  Would an hiv 2 specific test be valid 15+ years after any exposure.  All of my previous tests only covered hiv 1 and am concerned about two contacts I had.  Don't know their history as alcohol was involved.

2.  Would a hiv 2 pcr dna and an antibody test rule out hiv 2 completely?

Thanks for your help.

Andy Velez:
Hpw recently were you tested? Currently most tests in use include both HIV-1 & 2?

Also, where are you writing from and why do you think HIV-2 might be an issue? In the US, HIV-2 is quite rare.

Please clarify.

anxious mom 2:
I'm writing from the United States.  I have tested several times over the years and all only were for hiv 1.  The tests I took were on separate occasions, but within the last month (both antibody and pcr).  Have not had any risk factors for 15 years.   Uncertain about these individuals histories since they were basically one/two nighters. 


As you were told in the old forum, you are conclusively negative for hiv. If you were infected with hiv2, it would have been picked up on the tests you recently took.

As you were told in the old forum, if you cannot accept your negative hiv status, please seek the assistance of a mental health care professional to help you come to terms with your negative status.

There is nothing more we can do for you here.


anxious mom 2:
I have white spots that come and go on the palms of my hands, sweat for no reason at all, my eyes are severly sunk in.  My doc doesnt give much merit to cfs post viral.  Don't know where to go from here.


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