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Is it possible to get HIV/AIDS from oral sex. I was the inserter with a female hooker. When she finished i saw the napkin she was using to wipe her mouth with had blood on it. Maybe i'm freakin out maybe it was lipstick!, but that napkin looked sooo scary!

ALso i didnot have any cuts on my penis. And i actually never saw blood come out of her mouth. But can the blood go down my peehole?...i ejacualted about 5min after this. Please let me know if i should be worried...i have been stressed out for about 2weeks now. Thank You soo much.

Andy Velez:
I'm locking this thread. Please don't start a new thread everytime you have a burst of anxiety or a new question. Keep your comments in your other thread. That way readers can follow the exchanges and respond accordingly.


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