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Hello new here.


Hello I was wondering how unlikely it is to have ars symtoms as long as 11 weeks after possible exposure.       And do all the symtoms leave at once or could one of them linger on a couple weeks after.

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Andy Velez:
ARS does not come and go nor the symptoms appear separately. If they show up they're there at the same time and then gone after a week or two. It would be very uncommon for them to show up 11 weeks after a possible exposure since the average time to seroconversion is 22 days. All but the smallest number will seroconvert within 4-6 weeks after an exposure.

If you have had an incident that is concerning you we can make a better evaluation of the situation if you give us some specific details.

I am a 38 year old male who had one stupid incident in which I cheated on my girlfriend.  I had un protected vaginal sex for about 5 min with someone whose status is unknown.   Roughly 11 weeks later I developed a slight fever, body aches, a soar throat in which I had some white spots on my tonsils.  I had what looked like a few white headed pimples on my chest area.  I also developed a cold soar on my lip and a few on my penis. I went to the doctors who determined I had the herpes 1 virus.  I thought these symtoms could of been from the herpes and never thought of hiv.  Also I dont know if this means anything but my girlfriend who I been with for the last year has full std test done every 6 months and everything came back negative a few weeks ago.  Since I know she has no stds I never use protection with her.  Just a little worried about this foolish incident on my part and need some expert advice on this matter.

Andy Velez:
OK. A few things -- first of all, you do need to have an HIV test. It should be done at 13 weeks past the most recently unprotected incident to have a reliable result.

HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. It's significantly more difficult to accomplish from female to male. Given that you had a single such incident the odds are very much in your favor that you will test negative, even IF the woman you were with is HIV+, which you don't know to be so.

Your symptoms have nothing in any way HIV specific about them, but then symptoms are never the way to know anything reliably about your HIV status.

Get tested and collect what I expect will be a negative result.

If you stray again just make sure you use a condom. They provide very effective protection. 

Good luck with your test.


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