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2:30 am and my cat is really sick

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She is not eating and drinking and her stomach seems swollen.The vet does not open to eight am.Yes we have a 24 hour vet here. I called and they want five hundred dollars up front just to look at her.

I have a good job that pays well but l do not have the kind of cash laying around. My vet at least will work with me.

She does not seem to be in any pain she is just looking at me with her big eyes saying "make it better".

Going to be a long night .....I just want her to be ok.

kitty get well soon :-*  my thoughts are with you both

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I know how you feel.  I have 5 cats and have had to use the 24-hour vet a couple of times.  Is there another one you can try?  Here, they don't charge anything up front, but the minimum cost is around $90 or so.  Maybe she's just got a stomach virus thing that'll pass.  I hope she gets well soon!


Hope your cat is okay. It's always hard when one of the animals is sick.  Cristy

I hope she is better today!   Let us know....




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