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Is this something to be concerned about?

I went to a testing center and my test was administered before the previous person's test was finished. It was a 20-minute Ora-quick blood test. My test was given while they were still waiting on the results of the previous person (that vial was still in the tray).

What concerns me is that I did not see the nurse take out a lancet for my test, one was already on the table. I remember wondering if this was a problem. As it happened, that lancet did not work so she used another one (I saw her remove this from a drawer).

The test came back negative, but I have been worrying that the previous lancet may have possibly left some kind of blood on my finger and my finger was not cleaned again before the use of the second lancet. I think these lancets may be the one-use variety so I am thinking that the first did not work because it was already used. How often do lancets not work for reasons other than they have already been used? Worst-case, if it had already been used and did not puncture my skin, but was placed against it before a new lancet, is that a risk?

Zero chance. Zero risk.


They don't re-use lancets. No way, no how.


But even if, that would be absurd right? Is it not uncommon for these lancets to not work for reasons other than they have already been used?


A few things to consider here:

Lancets at testing centers are single use.

Because of the speed of the lancet, it only comes away with the slightest trace of blood, if any.

Within 1 min, should it be infected, the trace blood would degrade and be unable to infect. (We are not talking about hollow bore needles here)

Your concern is way beyond far-fetched.

No risk.



Thank you very much for your information. I know that the second lancet did not draw any visible blood on itself when it punctured my finger. This makes sense from what I saw. Since you seem to know something about the process though, would it raise any eyebrows for you if the lancet did not work? Or is that not something that is confined to ones that have already been used?

Thanks again...


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