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my son is positive and an alcoholic


My son has been positive since 1996. He has had his good moments and his bad. The thing I am most having trouble with is his drinking. He would stay drinking 24/7 if he had the chance. I don't mind him having a few but I hate when he is drunk. I have told him I hated it when he is drunk but he is an alcoholic. I know I know he could get counseling blah blah blah. But he wont, he says he likes to drink, and it is hard for me because I have to watch him kill himself not just hiv. Please pray for him to want to stop.


If your son is an alcoholic, he is the first to have to admit to that addiction. It's then up to him to get into some sort of support group. I hope that he eventually pulls it together. I have never known HIV and excessive alcohol use to mix very well.

 He should bring this matter up with his Doctor also. Perhaps his doctor can make recommendations to him. Suggest to him, that he talk to his ID doctor about this problem. No matter how much you bring this matter up , he will just become more defiant.


Hey mom, why don't you do yourself a favor and go to an Al-Anon meeting?  They're usually in the phonebook, or AA is and they can point you in the right direction.  As for your son, the only time he will get help is when he's ready to admit he has a problem-the first step.

Hey jusdamoma,

I think we should make a distinction with alcohol (or recreational drug use for that matter - which is bad doubt) and hiv treatment.   However, you don't really tell us if he takes his meds daily.  I believe that the best defences against AIDS is clockwork dosage of the available and recommended drugs currently on the market today.  The best defense  for alcoholism is AA and abstinence.  The problem really gets ugly when the cure for one is applied to the OTHER! 

I know this sounds silly.  But humour is often the best wake up call for an alcoholic.  The key is for him to understand that until he knows what to "Do" with his alcoholism....his best prtoection is DAILY (or Semi Daily) intake of his meds.  Honestly, he should also be made to understand that with all the booze....the side effects should not be too much of a least he shouldn't attribute them to either of the diseases until he's inventoried and seperated "which is which".

Until then....regular intake of tri-therapy will be his best guardian angel.  Make him understand that in a loving way and you will have done your part......for now.....The rest is up to him (AA)...and you (ALANON).  Two routes that are reaaallly interesting to follow....:)

Keep the hope. :)



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