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Vitamin Suppliments thoughts and concerns.


I've heard conflicting opinions on taking vitamin suppliments while taking HIV meds. I do know that taking vitamins are very important but not sure about if they may interfere with taking the meds. Anyone with some suggestions or information regarding this subject?


Vitamins are okay to take with antiretrovirals, but there are some supplements that should not be taken with them.  St. John's wort should not be taken with PIs and NNRTIs and garlic supplements should not be taken with saquinavir (Invirase).

My doctor recommends a multivitamin (Centrum Silver) + extra B complex vitamins. Works so far for me.


I think a good vitamin supplement is essential. the only problem is that most of the over the counter multi-vitamin supplements are worse than useless. Cheap multivitamins usually contain quantities of vitamins which don't have much theraputic benefit. A good high potency multi vitamin supplement or is expensive but far better than the cheap alternative. but be prepared to spend 'real money'. Look for a balance of all the essential vitamins & minerals at 100% rda or higher. Timed release supplements may be of benefit.  Taking huge amounts of any one vitamin is not recommended. A pro-biotic supplement Acidophilus or bifidus is also good & can enhance vitamin uptake in the GUI tract.


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