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Too be retested?


I tested negative 4 months after a one time episode of unprotected sex and then again at 5 months.  The first test was done at my doctors office, the second was through Home Access.  My official 6 month mark since the last episode of unprotected sex, or sex of any kind for that matter  ;) , will be next Tuesday.  Through all the tests the only thing I seemed to pick up was a mild case of molluscum (my only STD...ever)
My question is this.  How accurate are the Home Access tests?
I'm getting a little worried because just recently I've been waking up a little sweaty.  I have recently change birth control so I'm not sure if that could be it.  But I need honest advice.  If I'm getting sweaty while I'm sleeping and I'm just now reaching month six, and my last test was Home Access (which I'm not 100% confident in).  Should I be retested?  Could I be seroconverting late?
I am not an IV drug user, have no other sexually transmitted diseases other than the molluscum. 
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Matty the Damned:
You are conclusively HIV negative. Your four month test result was sufficient. The official window period is not 6 months, it's 13 weeks.

You do not need to test any further. You do not have HIV. You are not a late seroconverter. Late seroconversion (ie seroconversion after 13 weeks) occurs in a tiny proportion of people with specific medical conditions. Such people include people who are receiving immuno-suppressive therapy following transplant surgery, people receiving certain kinds of potent chemotherapy treatment for cancer and some long term injecting drug users.

Molluscum contagiosum is not necessarily an STD. It's spread by skin to skin contact and so may be transmitted sexually but other forms of intimate contact can transmit it as well.


Thanks MTD!

Today I went to the dermatologist for the molluscum.  I spoke to her briefly about whether or not to be retested.  She said it would be very slim to test positive after I received a 4 month negative result, but she wrote me an order for the lab to draw blood for HIV.  I didn't go to the lab. 
I wasn't sure she knew exactly what she was talking about and I wasn't ready to stress out over another test.  She kept saying that they'd run a WB first, then run an ELISA.....I always thought it was the other way around. 
Today would be EXACLTY 6 months.....I tore up the order for the lab already :) 
Just still a little uneasy I suppose.
At some point I'll be tested again, probably just at my annual routine physical.

Does my dermatologist sound clueless?
What can I do in my community to help HIV research/education?

Andy Velez:
You've got it right about what your dermatologist told you-- which was incorrect. It's the ELISA done first and then the western blot only if the ELISA is positive.

The CDC is quite conservative about testing and has for sometime recommended 13 weeks as a reliable testing point with a couple of exceptions -- those who are IV drug users and anyone with a severely impaired immune system such as from treatment for cancer.

You don't fall into either of those latter two exceptions unless you indicate otherwise.

There's no reason you need to test further at this point. You're HIV negative.

We do in general recommend that anyone who is sexually active have a full STD panel done at least annually.

For now you can take breath, stop worrying about HIV and get on with your life.


Thank you so much for your quick, comforting replies
I think there is so much misinformation out there because, unfortunately, this virus still carries a huge stigma.  And it SHOULDN'T.  It is a disease you get from unprotected sex, I'd like to see one person....just one person honestly say they've never had unprotected sex. 
I am calling my local AIDS task force today to find out what I can do to help.  I don't have a ton of money to donate, but I think even communicating with high schools, etc may help.  I'm not sure.   All I know is we need to end the stigma to end the pandemic.
Bless all of you and I wish you all the healthiest, happiest future.


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