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What do you think is most important?

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What do you think is the single most important thing or feeling in helping those you love get through each day?
If in a serious relationship or serodiscordant relationship, what has been the single most important thing?
Is it hope,is it acceptance? is it patience, is it faith? If possible, please share some examples........

Peace and health to all of you....

it's just that - love.

that's all.

everything else... support, encouragement, patience, faith, making sure he knows I'm his biggest fan and that I believe in him...  all fall naturally under that.

I don't think theres a single most important thing, personally...

For some it would be just knowing they're not alone, an occasional hug, or a warm body to snuggle up to at night :-)

my 2cents



My take is that patience and understanding rank very high of the list of course all the other stuff mentioned are important as well but emotions can run high and people could say things in a moment that they don't really mean and it takes some time so patience


I'm with Jen - has to be love.

Without love, theres no way you can find the reasons or the strength to provide any of the other things.

There are SO many days I need to remind myself that in spite of his status, that he is still the man I love and that I promised I would always be there for him.

Is it hard to do?  You bet!  But one look at his smile and I know that he is SO worth it.


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