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Vacuuming the Cat

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I must be horrible, cuz I think the parakeet story is hysterical regardless of how sad it may be.  It's like seeing a guy get whacked in the balls.  You know it hurt like HELL, but it's still damn funny.

I used to have a cat that liked to get vacuumed.  I thought she was quite odd, but maybe not so much.


How cute Alan and Fang.

My cats disappear as soon as I reach for the vacuum from the cupboard. I'm sure they had a bad experience with vacuums in a previous life.

My dog Johnny jumped through the screen door and cost me a 100 bucks..  When I bring out the "DEVIL" hes such a pussy..  I wish I had a dog who was not scared to get sucked.


--- Quote from: fearless on July 13, 2006, 10:51:54 PM ---My cats disappear as soon as I reach for the vacuum from the cupboard.

--- End quote ---

i wonder why some are afraid and some aren't ... mine cats couldn't care less unless the vac is within 3 or 4 inches of them. my uncle's cat is afraid of the vac and my uncle tried to vaccuum him!  :o  well the "flight or fight" brain thing kicked in and the cat chose "flight" - but if not, he would've chosen "fight" --now that would've been holy hell  :D

Living in the desert, my two dogs Waldo&Elmo, get dusty, so I bought a little dustbuster to try to keep them clean with. There is no way in Hell that they will sit still for it. The cat, Kitty C. International Cat of Mystery, however, seems rather to enjoy it. He also likes to ride in the truck more than the dogs as well. Actually, I think he's more of a dog than the dogs are.


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