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Vacuuming the Cat

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Gee Alan,
Hoovering Fang sounds like as much fun as mopping the weasel. Sweetie seems to think that the mop is like a big bucking bronco. She loves to stand on the mop when I get around to cleaning.(every six months whether I need it or not!)

One time when my cat Phlea had five-week old kittens, I had the vacuum out and ready to be plugged in. I didn't realise it was switched on before I plugged it in and the kitten who was sitting on it just about went through the ceiling. I didn't know a kitten can spring six feet into the air, straight up, from a sitting position. ;D That's one cat who probably hid behind the couch every time a vacuum appeared, for the rest of its life. :D

Freddy, the cat who decided he lives in my house, loves to be vacuumed and good thing too because he sheds like mad. The other cats make themselves scarce, but the dog follows me around when I vacuum because you never know what might turn up when I move the couch.


Well for me I can totally relate to why our furry friends are scared of giant machines that sound like they will steal the fur right off their bodies.  I for one having my arm poked scares the shit out of me and if I could jump out of my screen door, I would to..  "Ok, Eric - just alittle POKE.

Speaking of cat stories...
Some years ago my partners little 14yr old cat decided to play with the fly paper. We were gone that day and I had a few strips of the old fashion sticky fly paper in the windows (the flies were so bad that summer). We came home that evening and the cat was covered with sticky stuff, like it had been soaked. And there was sticky stuff ALL OVER everything in the front room. The TV, tables, chairs, walls. I just couldn’t help but laugh because it hit me the cat had been running around in a panic trying to get the fly paper off. Just the image of what must have went on that after noon with the cat was too much. We had to get scissors and clip one by one all the sticky hair off the cat. That cat was soooo amusing.

Then the time we lived on the second floor of an apartment in San Diego. The front windows were the old fashion crank out windows, no screens. Below was the ground floor patio where they kept a few garbage cans. So this same cat (as above) was acting sooo cool walking in and out of the cranked-open front windows and out onto the narrow window ledge, then back in the other window. I was sitting there watching TV, not really paying attention to the cat when I heard this garbage can sounding CRASH and realize miss cool cat had fallen off the ledge out the window to the cans below. That kept me laughing for days. The cat was ok, but embarrassed to say the least. Bobbie the cat, old and skinny but a first class clown.

I know that I've already posted a reply to this, but the subject keeps coming back to me, and I've been remembering things related to it. Many many years ago, I hat a dog named Bart. Bart was a good dog, but none too bright. In Fact to be honest, he was catacalysmically retarded. Anyway, one day he was lying on the floor, mindlessly chewing away at the hose to the vacuum cleaner, and I couldn't get him to leave it alone, so while he was chewing it, I turned it on, and his tongue got sucked into the opening of the hose. The expression on his face was pretty freakin funny, and the whole time you could hear the sound of it fluttering in the hose. I shut off the vac, thinking that he would have learned his lesson. I was wrong. He jumped up and ran around the house barking, then lay back down by the hose and began licking it again. I turned it back on with the same results. Apparently this was great sport to him, and it was something he really enjoyed up until the day he died. Like Teresa's earlier post, I too, have vacuumed up a bird trying to clean its cage out. Zebra finches and Electrolux, what an evil, evil combination.


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