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Vacuuming the Cat

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I discovered something hilarious yesterday.....Polly "the Fang" loves to be 'vacuumed'.   I was doing my weekly  monthly cleaning and was using the hose and brush attachment.....she has never been afraid of the vacuum, but I didn't think she would lie still for me to vacuum her!

Pets are great aren't they?   She brings so much joy to my life.


Alan & Fang

Hey Alan, I don't know of a living being that doesn't like to be sucked vaccumed now and then.

Alan that's adorable. Someone should invent a quiet handheld just for pet grooming. I'd buy it

I learned the hard way to keep the vacuum away from my pets. I had a parakeet and she was so mean..everytime i cleaned her cage she would attack my hand. So I got the bright idea to vaccum the bottom. It was working great until i went to take the hose out of the cage. Right when i brought it up she flew to the other side and the vacuum caught her. It sucked her on her side and she was just stuck to the end of the hose. I reached down and turned the vacuum off and she fell to the bottom. She jumped right back up on her perch so I thought everything was ok. Found her dead 2 days later.

I guess its ok as long as the pet cant be sucked up in the vacuum....


Oh my Teresa, if that story wasn't so sad it would be hysterical!!!   :D


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