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Furniture Storage in New York

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Im going to be moving to a new place but for a couple of months Ill need to put my furniture in storage while Im in transit.

Any of you fellow New Yorkers know of a good reputable place that can move and store my stuff?

Thought Id give it a shot to see if anyone has a recommendation.


I had extraordinarily good service, and a very, very reasonable price, from Flat Rate Movers. 

Even when they had to get an extra truck, the charge did not change....they guarantee what it will cost, and stick to it.

(And a couple of the movers were way cute...not that I noticed, of course.) :)

Good luck,


Did they wrap your furniture up with protective covering?  Or is that extra?

Also for a small 1 BR apartment, how much would you tip?  And do you give it to the head mover and tell him to split it? Or you give a little to each one?

Advice please. I dont know the proper protocol.  Thanks!

I tipped the dude who appeared to be the "leader" - there were 3 men plus him. each guy got $17

you tipped 68 bucks?  depending on how much they moved that seems kind of low especially for a few hours work.


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