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Hello all,

My name is Cherie and l am from North Platte,Nebraska. I have been positive now for six months and a BIG shock it was to me.

I found out after the guy l had an affair with was arrested for drug use and was tested in jail.He called to tell me he was positive and to get tested.The world fell out from under me then. My soon to be ex husband thank God so far has tested non positive.

I have a two year old daughter that lives me. Have two cats,a hamster a tank full of angel fish.

I have not yet started any meds but my Doctor seems to think l will be shortly.

I am still learning about HIV and it is a whole new world for me. Never ever thought l would be dealing with this.

I found your site from one of your other members Blue Love.She was in a HIV chat room l was in and she told me all about it.She is right you all are some of the funniest and smartest people l have read and came across.

I hope in time to get to know you all.


Hi Cherie and welcome.

You will find a ton of support and information here.  It's been an invaluable place for me over the last few months.

Hope to hear more from you and get to know you better.


Hi Cherie,
It's really great to "meet" you!
Yes, know of Bluelove. She comes and posts things here pretty often.
She seems like a sweet person.

She was right when she told ya' that there are some of the smartest, funniest people here  ;D
I have only been a member here for a couple of weeks, but I have already learned so much from these wonderful people!
I also get good belly laugh or two everyday.
I hope you stick around and you'll see what I mean.


Welcome. Sorry you have to be here but glad you found us. There are some great people here.  Cristy

Hi Cherie,

Welcome to the forums! Its a great place with wonderful people.

Nice to meet you



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