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Questions about HIV Treatment and Drug Assistance in Toronto

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Don't let HIV destroy your life... Allow it to add something to your life..  It depends on your point of view.  Right now your view is looking only one way.. But there are so many different ways to look at this..  Choose one that is positive for you.. As you learn and grow, these feelings WILL change..  Trust me... They will...

Welcome to the family...  I am not that much further along than you...  But I have been where you are now..



I don't live in Toronto but wanted 2 say hi anyway.  U have already gotten some good advice.  I was just recently diagnosed myself so I feel the pain your going thru literally.  I have 2 agree though that our attitudes from here on out can make a HUGE difference. 

I know I don't know U but just reading your post I felt an instant connection. I was just in Toronto a year ago (loved it) also like I said just got diagnosed a month ago and 4 the record my name is Jason as well. One last thing before I go
Things will get better if u let them

Take care of Yourself, Keep your head up and if U ever need 2 talk we are always here

From one Jason 2 another BIG HUGZ

I didnít check my own post for a couple of days. Today I found there are so many responses for me. I feel really warm in my heart. We are POZ people, but we are not alone, we are a family. Thank you very much for your guysí advice and encouraging word.

Already more than one month past I gradually accept the fact and with the anti-depressant drugs I still keep on working and I started HARRT treatment 4 days ago. But I have new problem. My CD4 is too low, CD4 count is only 5. I really worry if I can survive from this disease. I will put a new post to ask direct experiences and advice about treatment from very low CD4 count.



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