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just wondering


My wife had an hiv test in January and came back negative.  I strayed seven years ago and the condom slipped off inside.  We've had unprotected sex infinite times.  I'm just curious what would the chances of me being postive be.  I just had my hiv test two days ago, and just a little nervous.




You can never go by someone else's hiv test result to know your own status. You've done the right thing by testing.

From what you describe about your incident seven years ago, you are very unlikely to test positive. I want to make clear I'm basing that on what you report about your incident and not on your wife's test result.

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Andy Velez:
Further Ann's comments, the condom would have protected you until it came off. HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. It's even harder to accomplish from female to male. Given yours was a single incident of partial possible exposure the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor against transmission having occured.

Stop torturing yourself about this old incident. Get tested and collect what I expect will be a negative result.



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