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How do you convince someone to take a HIV test?


This should be in a "Someone I care about MAY have HIV" forum..

This person has been exposed and has experienced what I would see as seroconversion a couple of months later, but then again it could have been a bad cold. I hope the best for him, but I really want him to get tested. He is very HIV/AIDS aware (a family member is HIV+), and when I asked him when he would go test, that I would go with him if he wanted, he replied that he's "avoiding it".

I got tested during a checkup, so I'm not sure how people react when they know for sure they have had a high risk. We've been avoiding the subject for the last month, and recently I reminded him to get tested and I didn't get any response.

I know it's very difficult for him but this will have to be done at one point. Should I just let him take his time or push it? I don't think there is any risk of him having unprotected sex for now, so I'm thinking it's okay to let him take his time? His sibling is doing very well, has been on meds for many years, experienced side effects & lipo but is doing well.


/edited to add/ thinking about it, maybe it should be in "Am I infected". Feel free to move the thread to whatever place is appropriate.


You can't make someone test if they don't want to. You've offered to go with him and there's nothing more you can do. It's really none of your business whether he tests or not.


Let him take his time.
You are concerned, I get that. But we can't let our concerns override anothers' sense of he decides when and where. He may need time to wrap his mind or emotions around the possibilities.......but mentioned it once. Once is enough.

Mike M

Yeah, the "it's none of my business" part is the one I shut down. It's not easy when it's someone you see everyday, but you're right, i'll take care of my own business.


Hi milker.

Ann's right. You can't make someone take the test and maybe it isn't any of your business but you just can't ignore it either. He's a friend and you see him everyday.  Although I wouldn't constantly bug him about it, I would certainly never let him forget that you know.  A friendly reminder every once in a while wouldn't hurt.



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