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Hey my name is Rick

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Hey Rick....Welcome good buddy to the family.  Sounds like you have a very positive attitude and that in itself is like money in the bank.  Congradulations on your eleven year anniversary and I wish you many many more. :-*

Andy Velez:
Good to hear from you, Rick, and that you're doing well.

You're always welcome here to ask questions and to discuss anything that's on your mind.


Rob - Dublin:
Hi Rick,

Like all the other family members before me, I say welcome and I hope you find the site as informative and helpful as I have done in the last few months.


heya Rick, welcome to aidsmeds! Cool that you were in "the industry." Lots of us are present/former/recovering non-profit people and activists, so many war stories :)

Welcome aboard Rick! I am happy to hear you are enjoying your drug holiday and your numbers and so great!

Take Care!



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