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Hey my name is Rick

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Next month marks 11 years poz for me and I've been on a holiday for going on 1 and 1/2 years now.  It's a little scary, but I have to admit that it's been great not having side effects.  My counts have been the same for entire holiday 450tcell and averaging about 7,500 viraload every 3 months. 

After working in the HIV/AIDS field for over 20 years, I've now changed jobs and I'm in a place that's great.  Since now I'm a "client",  it's like starting a new life which has time for friends and just experiencing life which has also been scary.

Coming on to this site and just talking about me for me is like coming our again.  So anyway here I am.

The Canuck:
Hi Rick,

You're very much welcome on this forum and ain't it fun to do another coming out?? !!!  ;)

You have pretty good numbers for someone who has been off meds for 18 months and all the best in the starting of your '' new '' life.  :D


The Canuck

Hi Rick,

welcome aboard this fabulous ship!


Hi Rick, welcome to "the family"


Hi Rick....Welcome to a good place!


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