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Bloodwork and results are in..boohoo

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 :'(My tcell went down to 161..ok i can deal with that..

My bloodpressure is high due to some of the meds, so now I have added one more pill to the mix.. >:(

Viral load is still undetectable..that's good..My cholesterol is good..


 My Hep C is kicking my ass..

My numbers went from 33/38 to 158/100..

So my Dr. said she would give me a sonogram before she does the biospy..just to see
what stage its in..

Know that my numbers are the highest they have ever bee.

I  know its not in the first stage.. :(
With my tcells being so low and being co-infected , iam fucked.

ok..I am a tri sexual...Ill try anything once ::)

I am not looking forward to injecting myself 2x a day 3x a week for 9 months.
Then wait another six months to see if it worked. :'(

I was doing alot of research online, and It said if your tcells are under 200 it much harder to treat.....

I don't know what to do here??? 

The percentage is not very promising at all, and being so damn low in my tcells,
I wondering WTF do I do. :-\

Right now I am on antibiotic's Levaquin 500 Mgs, but its not helping, so the Dr gave
me a 4day more supply, to see if I feel any better..
I was giving a phenomena shot that day...felt worst the next day..
I also found out that I had hepatitis A as well as C..
That was news to me..

I also got a hep b shot to prevent that from coming my way.. ???

You get one shot in the arm, then a month later another..after 5 months you get the last one..

I did this 9 months ago , but they say it didn't take and here I go again.. >:(

My damn head is spinning from all this crap....... >:(

 I am snipping at everyone who
even looks at me, and I have been a horrible person...that's not me..It must be
the damn Predisone..

.oops That's another thing I forgot to let you know..( 2 much crap to remember) :(

I was put on this because of my lungs..they were closing and the only way to open my values up was using Predisone.......which can make ya crazy.... :P

I have so much on my plate, I think Ill call it a platter now. :'(

I am a long term survivor, but there comes a time when you start doubting
the meds, the doctors, and your even your stamina.... know what I mean?

I am not looking forward to the inferon treatments at all.

My cousin who is not co-infected..just plain old hep c, went through this, was doing great and a year later it came back to bite her on her ass...

So you see, I dint know what to do...If it didn't work for her, why should it work for me especially with a low tcell count of 161.......and please spare me with the "everybody body works differently...true, but in my case, dont think thats going to help me one bit.

Please any advise you may have when reading this ..please feel free to help one confused
and losing my mind  :( women................

That really sucks.  If you don't mind me asking what is the name of your id and hcv doctors names.  Are they from NYC? 

It's like a rollercoaster but do not give up.  There are so many of us that take it one day at a time.  I know I try to.  My Hep C numbers are high but I know my HCV doctor isn't going to give me anything.  The last treatment was with infergen??sp  shots.
My whole body and mood went downwards. 

I will be seeing my id doctor on the 15th of this month.  I will have my T-count done then.  He does it every 3 months.

The biopsy is the best thing to determine what stage your liver is.  I would go for it even if they decide not to treat you for it.  Unless you rather not know what shape your liver is in.  With your T-cells being low, the doctor most likely will not treat you for hep c. 

It seems like you are on so much medication.  When I was taking infergen I felt like a horrible person and did not want to talk to anybody--not event my ID doctor.  He had no idea how I felt. 

Don't give up.  I feel like giving up so many times and put the blame on everyone around me.  I am not a bad person.  In 1981 I was attempting to cross the street (which I don't remember) and my whole world turned around. 

Please hang on.  I will pray for you.  I need to stop thinking why me.  There is so may innocent children and people who get killed for no reason at all.

I am here for you.
ps:  You are not losing your mind :)

Hi Ubotts,

I will had a few prayers of my own too.
I can only imagine the scarred feelings.
but  know you can find the courage to face this as well.

Just a thought, for yourself,
do you really have a choice in fighting the Hep C?

Best wishes -Hank

Hi Ubotts:

Wow.  I don't know what the Hep C numbers you posted mean.  But it doesn't sound good.  I'm sorry about your CD4 cells also.  What meds are you on for the HIV? 

I know a couple people who started the interferon treatments and had to stop because of feeling so shitty.  Then again, I know a few that successfully took them and are still Hep C negative.  Only you can decide something like that (well, with your doctor). 

I really don't know what to tell you to do, but I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  You're handling so much right now.  Try to take it easy on yourself. 

What meds are you on for the HIV? 

I am on noviar truvada and zeyataz..I believe thats how u spell it.
For the longest I was on combiviar and Kaletra.....
Maybe I should of stayed on that combo..

These are new doctors, and they are from NJ not NYC..

I have some kind of infection going on thats why the doctor said my number will be low
due to too many white cells...........Iam ok with that.

As far as having a sonagram instead of a biospy..I figured if they could do it that way instead of using a needle and being uncomfortable, why not..
But if a biopsy is better and will give me a more acurate reading , then I will have that done to see what stage my hep c is in.

Just a bunch of trial and error going on...I am hanging in there though.
Somedays are better than others. and today I feel good..
I thought all this over and did more reseach,,,,,,,,,,,,we shall see what the next step
will be..

Thank you all for your support and concern.. :-*too you all...


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