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Heres a strange question for you...

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I'm going to ask my Dr when I see him next week but I thought i'd put this question to you all incase someone has come across this issue before.  I'm considering going for laser eye surgery I hate wearing glasses and contact lenses just don't seem to agree with me.  Is there any reason you could think of why being HIV+ would restrict someones access to laser eye surgery?  I know that seems like a wierd question but I thought i'd ask anyway!


I don't think it would matter (especially with your tcell and viral loads).  You should be able to have the surgery just like everyone else.  I'm sure your eye doctor will confirm this.

The Canuck:
I don't think it matter period whatever are the Tcells & VL.


The Canuck

Hey I have wondered the same thing! I would think that as long as your numbers are good you should be just fine! Let us know what your doc says!!


I had eye surgery back in March.   It wasn't an issue for me, I'm sure it won't be for you either.




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