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Hi, I wanted to post here yesterday but I was waiting for the user confirmation.

Please evaluate I need help to take urgent decision:
3 weeks ago a drunk night: french kissing, received rimming and receptive anal protected with HCW.
Ysterday I touched with saliva a very fresh abrasion in the leg of my son removing the healed blood with it!!!! (a few minutes after it happened) with saliva (stupid!!!), and just that morning I wake up with a problem in one teeth which is blooding constantly since then (so my saliva has had a lot of traces of blood all day).

I cleaned the site inmediatly with water (just a rinse).

Should I take a test and start pep for him in case I've been exposed to HIV?

I wasn't very worried about me (just worried) until this happened..

Even the smallest change for it to happen terrifies me.

Can you tell me what to do? Have a few hours from now to start PEP on him...

Thank you all.

Andy Velez:
Whooooooooooooooooooooa! Steady, man!

You are totally over-the-top worried and all for no reason grounded in HIV science. The most important thing is that you used a condom for intercourse. They provide very effective protection.

There is no need for testing and certainly no need for PEP for either you or your son. You need to become better acquainted with the realities of transmission. Read our lesson on it. There's a link to it in the welcome thread which opens this section.

Reads to me like you're full of guilt and anxiety about your experience. Nothing you did put you at risk for transmission. Period.

Take a breath, buddy. Some nice deep and slow ones. Really. And do that everytime you have another burst of unwarranted anxiety.



Thank you Andy, It just when I talk about my sons health even the slightest posibility just deserves attention, and if it's HIV and because of me... WOUAOUUUUU yes I'm driving crazy!

Only a few days after the encounter I started to ask myself if all intercourse was protected because I drunked a lot, but from what I can remember it was protected and without ejaculation.

I've read a lot in one day, sleeping only 4 hours last night. I know it would be a remote possibility, almost close to negligible to reach my son. Still in doubt to go to ER and tell this... Both because I feel stupid and guilty, and because when I think of it sometimes to happen it can't be true, I think I would win the "HIV most stupid way transmission prize", hope I wont.

Andy Velez:
Even IF you had had unprotected sex you still wouldn't have been putting your son at risk with your saliva on his bruise. HIV is a fragile virus and not transmitted that easily or in that way. Really.

You can always test at 13 weeks for your own peace of mind for yourself but I don't think your situation was a risky one from what you've described. I do think you're loaded with guilt and that is allowing your mind to go super crazeeeeeeee.

jajaja . thanks, a little of humor makes me smile fora while. anyway, i know it's a remote possibility for me to be infected. but the saliva+blood really reached his 'blood' after passing my finger it was 'open' and removed the upper layer with it. anywsy, it's remote so i think in no way a doc. would prescribe pep for him. what if i do today or tomorrow morning a rapid test ?


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