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How do you sort it all out?

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My HIV/Infectious Disease doctor never seems too concerned about anything but my labs

Can you change MD's Craig?  I don't know how many are working in your clinic, but I do know you can change if the one you are seeing seems to "ignore" other issues.  We did that at our clinic, and the MD we see now is great for the both of us.  What she isn't sure about she tells us and refers us.

You may need to see a different MD about your symptoms.  Even if they might be med/HIV related, something is affecting your sense of balance, and it needs to be addressed before you really get hurt.

Craig , I have  roughly the same problem..bumping into walls , holding on to the hand rail etc.....I have been on the gabapentin for PN for more than 8 yrs.....I recently started noticing an extreme sensitivity to little things..when barefoot small bits on the carpet would feel like glass cuts...a knot in a thread in a sock would feel like a get to the point I am having a complete new neurological work up done...My HIV Dr...says he has seen this sort of reversal with long term use of the gabapentin along with the exaggerated side effect....

I don't believe the PN has gone away just some areas have become very sensitized and the medication is now producing exaggerated side effects.....I have to wait two more weeks to get my appointment with the neurologist.



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