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Oh My God! Another New Guy!!

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Hello out there in to all the kiddies in Pozland!! I'm pretty new on this site. I've been registered for a few weeks, but have mostly spent time reading postings, and replying on occasion. My name is Carl, and I'm tuning in from the mind bogglingly weird city of Albuquerque, N.M. A quick profile of me: I live in the southern part of the city in a nice quiet area, with my two Appenzeller dogs, Waldo & Elmo, as well as KittyC., International Cat of Mystery. I've been positive for a really long time now, 19 years as of this summer. In three more years I will have been positive for half of my life. I plan on having, what else? but a Half Life Party that summer. After all, don't we all feel a little radioactive now and then? Anyway, doing pretty good so far. I don't pay much attention to the lab numbers, as I find they have little to do with how I actually feel. But my doctor insisted on sharing them with me recently, and everything looks pretty cool. I also have Hep B for the same length of time, and those numbers too are ok by me. Recently though, the viral load for the Hep B was over a Billion, it is down considerably, to a more manageable 100,000. I still work full time and then some, I'm an artist, and am currently working on a mural in a museum, and also do landscape construction, specializing in flagstone work. I think that after all this time, doing work like I do, I'm probably in better health than I sometimes realize. I also take the puppies out every day for a goo two to four mile walk in the mornings. I like to mess around with old cars,and spent a few years working in a restoration shop, but it was too stressful as a living, so now it's back to being a hobby, and I enjoy it again. Anyway, That's about it, I have enjoyed getting to know the "family" here as I have time, and look forward to getting to know you all. Thanks everyone, and have a great day!! Captain Carl...

Hey Carl, welcome to the forums!! Glad you were able to find us!!


--- Quote from: abqcarl on July 13, 2006, 12:54:23 PM ---my two Appenzeller dogs, Waldo & Elmo, as well as KittyC., International Cat of Mystery.

--- End quote ---

Hi - We're looking forward to gettting to know you too  :D LOL about the int'l cat of mystery! Some of us post pet photos in the Off Topic forum  8)


The Canuck:
Hi Captain Carl,

You are certainly welcome here although we hate to have new radioactive members ( just loved your analogy ). Thanks as well for introducing yourself and great to read you are doing well.  :)


The Canuck

Poz Brit:
Hello, Carl,
Welcome to these forums and thank you for posting your profile, you sound an interesting guy, and so busy, with a lot of things going on in your life, I wish I had that amount of energy and enthusiasm.
I look forward to hearing more from you.

Take care,



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