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is this anxiety or something else?

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Its been 2 years i have been battling this "issue" and im not sure whats going on..

I was diagnosed about 5 years ago. It was hard to deal with, especially alone, but i managed. I was working full time, working out 4 times a week..Things were great. Then one night in June, coming out of the gym, i felt light headed and saw blackspots getting bigger like i was going to pass out. I had a few of these minor attacks happen like once a week but they were so minor. That night i felt like i was having heart attack one after the other. I went to my doc the next day and told him something was wrong. My heart was racing a mile a minute and i felt dizzy like hell. They set me up for heart tests and nothing came up. during the next couple of days i couldnt sleep or eat. and my back was starting to feel like it was swollen and i couldnt move my neck. I finally saw a doc in a local clinic and said my back on the left side was swollen al the way to my neck..So i did the physio etc..My HIV doc started me on meds because my cd4s were dropping. My guess was from the not eating and sleeping. My Doc also suggested that maybe im suffering from anxiety..BUT HOW?? I use to love being in public, dancing, walking  even standing on the bus, etc..Now i cant even go into a mall in fear that the feeling of being light headed and pass out.

Fast forward 2 years..I still get dizzy almost like my vision is like a moving camera ..when i go anywhere or have to exert energy like standing on a bus too long, i feel light headed all over again and get really wiped out..This "dizzyness and fatigue has take over my life. I try to go to work as many days as i can. I try to go out to bars on the weekend to mantain a social life but only last about 1 hour till im so wiped out from trying to keep up standing. I had to give up the gym because at night coming home from the gym and work, id feel so dizzy it was almost like being drunk. And when i get to bed i would feel like i was falling so going to bed was just as hard..My friends dont ask me to go out anymore because i get tired (they dont know my status), i had to stop the gym, im sure my boss will eventually get sick of me missing work due to exhaustion..what more do i left to lose??

So can someone tell me is this anxiety and something you went through? Or is this another HIV/AIDS symptom that i just have to live with that makes me feel like im aging to 60 (im 28)? Or is something going on with my brain that no one is paying attention to? My cd4 are about 300-380 and my VL is undectible..Im on a kaletra combo

We can't really diagnose you over the internet.  Maybe it is anxiety.  Did your doctor suggest a trial of any benzo's? (Meds used for anxiety)  I don't know what it is.  I can tell you, however, that when I used to have debilitating panic attacks, I passed out one time at Kroger's when I started writing a check out for the groceries.  Thank goodness my second husband was with me at the time to catch me before my head hit their cement floor.  I was on benzo's for a long time, but eventually quit taking them because of my addictive nature.  Now I take a medication called Zyprexa, which is not addictive and works very well.  I'm not suggesting that you rush to your doctor's and insist on anything-but it might be something you want to explore further.  Good luck
Peace and happy New Year-

Thanks betty, i really hope its not anxiety. I just dont know how it happend like it was overnight. I just want my life back and be able to go on doing normal everyday things like everyone else

so im just wondering how did everyone else develop anxiety..did you always have it or did it just happen to you one day?

Miss Philicia:
inmontreal, like you I was diagnosed for some time before developing anxiety attacks (though if you doctor thinks this is what it is I do not understand why he didn't refer you to a psychiatrist for a formal evaluation -- or did he?).  In my case they began 7 years after diagnosis.  In my case it had to do with several loosely HIV connected things I was dealing with all at once.  I'd never had panic attacks ever in my life, so it all really came out of nowhere.

If you've not gone to a therapist I'd highly recommend it.


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