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World Series is ON - UPDATE!!!

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Okay, some time ago, I posted about my son's team going to the Little League World Series.  The first two days they played pool rounds for seeding.  They lost their first game, then won their second in the pool round.  These games really meant nothing other than seeding for the final rounds.

Yesterday, they opened the championship round with a pounding of a team from south Texas.  D (my son) hit the first pitch one hop over the left field fence and they never looked back en route to a 14-1 drubbing.  Interestingly enough, the coach told me that when D has led off the game with a hit, the team is 31-0.  He is having an excellent tournament thus far, and they really have a shot, but there are some very good teams here.

I have been doing the commute to see as many games as I can (about a 3 1/2 hour drive one way).  Wish I could just drop all my commitments here for a week, but hey. My ass is sore, but it is well worth it.

I will keep you all posted..


Wish I were there to share the sore ass with you hun, but you know, sitting on a couch now sounds mighty fine to me. :D

When you talk to D, tell him I'm cheering him and the team on.  They have they're own cheerleading squad right in Brooklyn, NY.  "Goooooo D and Marlins!!!"


This is exciting JOhn.  Please, please keep us up-to-date.  To be honest, I'm much more interested in this some some lousy stinking soccer tournament!


Wow! SO glad they are doing so well!

Keep us posted!  LOL...i remember the bleacher (sore) butt. Good memories.


Well, they played the number one team from Nebraska today (#2 seed in the tournament).  It was nip and tuck the whole game, when in the bottom of the seventh, D (bet you think I am making this up) hit a 3 run triple to win the game 7-5.  The Marlins move on!


(who swears this to be true)


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