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infectious disease MD's in Brooklyn


My son's infectious disease doctor seems to be giving him a negative outlook on his HIV diagnosis. Anyone have a doctor they would recommend in the Brooklyn, New York area?
My son is newly diagnosed and may lose his job as a result of another issue. What does one do to get one"s medications if they lose their health insurance and their income?  I cannot put him on my health insurance as he is an adult. And my income would not cover the cost of his meds for very long. Need some advice just in case he does lose his health insurance and his job. Thanks.

Try this:
For "medical condition" you must select HIV/AIDS from the drop-down box.
You have to type in your zip code and some other stuff too.

If you need help the number listed is 718-499-CARE

He doesn't have to put up with a negative nim-rod >:(

Here's to the best,


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