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My son is newly diagnosed with HIV and he calls me asking me about side effects. I need some help as reading aboutthe side effects of his medications  in literature is not as good as hearing from people t hat are on the same meds.

My son is on sustiva and truvada.Most of the side effects he  has been experiencing I have read about on this site but two side effects I have not seen mentioned.  Has anyone experienced tingling and/or numbness in the fingers and toes? How about any changes in vision? 

Please any comments are welcome as I do not know how to advise him.   Thank you.

Hi mom - If I grab something too hard then I will get some weird sensations in the fingers for about 1 minute then they go away. So, now, I know to handle things like a normal person and I won't get those feelings. Vision for me is the same. W'ere here for you/your son  8)  :)

(on Epzicom, Lexiva, Norvir)

Thank you for being there for me and my son. When he calls me with these side effect issues I feel so helpless. I am so glad this site exists.  My son found out he was HIV poz when he was diagnosed and treated for neurosyphilis. He went through 2 weeks of IV antibiotics. When he tells me about side effects I get concerned that  neurosyphilis was not wiped out with the antibiotics.  He is very concerned about getting another spinal tap as it left him with weeks of intense headaches. I know this is not the right forum for this question so I may not find an answer here, but if anyone has had neurosyphilis and been treated could you tell me if your MD had to retest you just by a blood test or do another spinal tap?

My sons infectious disease MD seems very negative, anyone recommend some Md's in Brooklyn, NY?

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