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I am Sorry and I need your Help.

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Hi Everyone,

Let me start off by saying that all of you living with HIV are amazing individuals, thank you for finding it in your hearts to help so many in these forums!!!

OK, so here's my story, any comments/advice would be wonderful.

I understand that diagnosis based on symptoms is a futile science, but I would like to know if anyone in these forums that is either HIV + or - went through similar. If so please tell me about it! If not give me your opinions anyways, I'd love to read them.

My and Partner History:

* 25 y.o. heterosexual male
5 sexual partners, prior to this most recent "sexual encounter" I had not had sex for 5 years
No intravenous drugs use

* She is 25 y.o. also and has had ~ 12 to 15 parteners, prior to me she was with her latest BF for 3 months, prior to that she was with her BF for 3 years
Uses Alcohol frequently (2 to 3 times a weeks) and drugs occasionally (no intravenous drug use)
The Story:
Broke up with my GF of 5 years in April, on April 14th, got drunk out of spite, and had protected sex with an acquaintance, that later turned to unprotected sex (vaginal pen. only) for ~20 minutes. Had intercourse only one time.


72 hours after intercourse

* At night shooting pain in my testes that came and went
Scrotum turned bright red and was abnormally itchy (currently it is still bright red and its texture has changed from smooth and shiny to looking slightly irritated and red)

* I had a cold when we had sex, that eventually went away in two weeks; however, I had a sore throat that seemed to persist

* Flu-Like symptoms, Night Sweats, Fever (3 to 4 days), Dry Hacking cough that was worse at night (lasted a week), aches and pains, sore throat still around

Swollen lymph nodes that appeared in my groin and neck on a unilateral basis - right pelvis and right-side of groin (large and palpable), slight enlargement in left pelvis, throat on both sides, left side of my neck, back right side of my head, and behind my left knee. Thes glands provide the occasional aches and pain, especially the one behind my left knee

Received my 2nd and last Twinrix Hep A/B shot
Five-weeks to today (13 week mark)

* most symptoms have cleared up; however, the follow still plague me;

Random aches and pains (mainly in hands, neck and lower back)
Eczema on my hands and fingers
Occasional Night sweats
Had one Canker sore on the inside of my bottom lip (I rarely get them, ~ once every 5 years)

The two remaining symptoms that are most concerning to me are;
Throat remains Red, but does not hurt, however, there are large yellow/white bumps on the inside of my throat, and small white, immovable bumps on my soft palate
My Unilateral lymphadenopathy still persists, albeit the lymph size has gone down, the swelling seems to come and go (lymph size is < 2cm)
OK so there it is, I basically have all ARS symptoms, but wait to add to the confusion......the HIV tests

HIV Tests:
Here in Canada we use a 4th Gen ELISA test;

My 3 week blood tests were all normal (CD4/T-Cell counts)
I had HIV/Mono tests at 3 and 8 weeks and both were negative
I had a chest X-Ray done, all clear
I had my throat tested for Strep and Thrush, all clear
Had swab and pee tests done for other STD's, all clear

I got her/my partner HIV tested at 4 and 10 weeks, and both were negative

My fear is that her HIV test are inaccurate b/c of her drinking and drug abuse, am I in a HIV-Window infection coincidence? What else could this be? Nothing is making any sense at all.

Sorry for the long and detailed post, any feedback would be great!

Thank you all so much!  :D

PS - I've gotten my last 13 week/90 day done yesterday, I get my results on Monday, please pray for her and I

Negative results for you and her at 8 and 10 weeks are almost totally conclusive, I'd be confident in saying I would expect nothing less than a negative at your 12 week test.  You should ease up on yourself, I'd be happy with your earlier results but I can understand your anxiety.  As I said though, I totally expect you to test negative at 12 weeks.



I agree with Matt.  You have a better chance of being struck by lightning then seeing those results change.

Use condoms for penetrative sex and you won't have to go through this anxiety again. 



PS Unless she is on chemotherapy, is taking anti-rejection meds for transplant, or is a serious IV drug user, her results will not be affected by the drinking and drugs.


Can you please confirm for me where you got the information that Canada uses 4th Generation Elisa?

This is important.

Thank you in advance,


--- Quote from: Sae on July 13, 2006, 08:48:07 AM ---Broken,

Can you please confirm for me where you got the information that Canada uses 4th Generation Elisa?

This is important.

Thank you in advance,

--- End quote ---

I am from Alberta,

I contacted a Southern Alberta AIDS Clinic. I still have the E-mail confirming this information that I can forward to you if you wish; however, won't be able to do so until later as I am at work and do not have access to my personal E-mail.

My situation is that, I wanted to know the accuracy of my 8 weeks results, if you browse the web and talk to the many who are going through similar situations, you are almost re-assured that an 8 week results is an excellent indicator of your 13 week status.

HOWEVER, after talking to my doctor, he said testing was 75% accurate at 13 weeks, I freaked out, went to the STI clinic and they told me that "they chose to use a 90% accuracy rate at 13 weeks".

I needed clarification as it didn't make sense to me that Canadian testing standards would be siginificantly different from American standards. I E-mailed and contacted the Southern Alberta Clinic for clarification. The Nurse I spoke with told me that the most recent studies show that a 3 month test is 99.6% accurate and that we are currently using a 4th generation ELISA protocol. This information is confirmed in the E-mail I received also.

I hope this helps. If you have heard otherwise please let me know.


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