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Thanks for the posts!  It is true that it is just not HIV meds.  I did some research on my last bottles of Sustiva and Truvada and here is what I know off my specific insurance plan.
Drug Name      Billed Amount     Allowed Amount   CO-Pay     Amount paid by insurance
Sustiva            $543.00            $448.68             $25.00     $423.68
Truvada           $942.80            $792.51             $25.00     $767.51

Now unless some discount is provided to the insurance company (that I don't see in my billings etc) that would still come out to be 14,292.28 a year that the insurance company would be paying.  I also know that medications in other countries do not advertise like they are here ie. commercials, radio, magazines.  I guess a lot of it still falls on the free commerce system we have in the US.


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