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HIV from kissing?? New Question Please

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Ok, I know this is going to seem totally silly, but I just need some reassurance because a person can certainly confuse themselves by reading all of the different websites about HIV transmission and that scary window period...

First of all, I made out with a guy that I don't know very well for about 10 minutes or so...and I read that prolonged kissing could damage the mouth and allow for blood transmission.  (I do remember accidentally knocking teeth with him..)
Second, I don't know why the idea even got put in my head, but I started to really worry about it.  At around 10 weeks I got a rapid HIV test at a hospital and the results were negative.
So my question is...can I rely on the 10 week rapid results? Does anyone know about the accuracy of that test and the window period associated with it? Even though my risk is very low, do I even need to be tested again at 12 or 13 weeks? I would really like to not go through all of that again. Thanks for your help! :)

Andy Velez:
You were not at risk at all for HIV transmission during your kissing incident. Please read the lesson about transmission which you can link with from the first thread in this section.

Kissing is not a risk for HIV, not even with blood in the mouth. Saliva has an inhibiting element which neutralizes HIV IF it is present.

It's important you know the real risks so that you can protect your health and spare yourself this kind of unnecessary worry.

You don't need to re-test nor was testing necessary at all.

If you had a real risk, which thankfully this wasn't, getting tested at 13 weeks is what the CDC recommends for a reliably negative result.

This time out you're ok.


Thank you so much for your quick reply...and you're right this was an unnecessary worry, but on the plus side I've learned a lot about HIV and it has made me very aware of the risks and I will always try and protect myself.  Thank you so much again! :)

Ok, I just have to ask one more thing...on the CDC website they say they do not reccomend kissing an HIV positive person because of the risk of blood.  Do they just say this to be safe? I mean, they cannot know every situation such as if the person was severely bleeding or something like that...right? I did read that the only documented case of possibly being transmitted through kissing could have been from something else that should make me feel better, but I'm just curious to see what you think about that. Thank you and sorry to be a bother about a very low risk thing. Thanks.

<< Do they just say this to be safe? >>

They say it to be conservative. POlitics plays a key role in the CDC's HIV education. Here and other credible websites go only by first-tiered peer-reviewed scientific data.

I do not for a moment believe that the CDC will update their site anytime soon. This is sad, because it undermines their credibility and makes sites like this one struggle to present the science behind HIV in an accurate form.


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