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Mouth sores- Please read


Hi Everyone,
Two weeks ago I started new meds. On Saturday I developed a slight rash, and by Sunday afternoon the rash was all over, I had a fever, and was horribly itchy. I called the doctor, and it turned out to be a reaction to Rescriptor. The Doctor asked if I had any mouth sores, which I did, but not think it was part of the allergic reaction. I just thought it was an ulcer.

From my understanding, rash with mouth or eye sores is a really serious allergic reaction. I had never heard of that before, so I just wanted to share with everyone if you experience a rash, then start to have mouth or eye sores call your Doctor immediately.

I stopped the Rescriptor on Sunday, and today the rash is almost gone. I also switched to Truvada in replace of the Rescriptor.

Good for you!!  One thing we all do need to keep in mind is that we are our own "best" doctors as far as how our bodies/systems react/respond to medicines, prescribed or over-the-counter.


You're right.  A bad rash, especially if accompanied by fever, joint and muscle aches, and involvement of the lining of the eyes and mouth should be taken seriously especially in the setting of taking meds that can cause a particularly severe allergic reaction. 

Regarding your meds, please note that Hivid is also notorious for causing mouth sores.  So if these do not go away with the rash, this might be something to consider.


I had mouth sores for years and intense hunger pangs before I even started medication.
Then I went to NY for 10 days and drank the tap water because it's so good.  After a week no more sores or intense hunger pangs.  That's odd I thought to myself.
When I got back to California I started drinking bottled water again.  With in an hour I had intense hunger pangs and within a  day I had mouth sores again.  I found out bottled water is forced through a membrane that takes out  all the minerals, which your body needs.  Bottled water  was leaching minerals out of my body, therefore the intense hunger pangs to replace them with food, and mouth sores. I bought a Britta water filter which takes out most of the chlorine from tap water but leaves the minerals.  It's cheaper and I'm never  irritatingly hungry anymore and I'm relieved I've not had one mouth sore in 3 years.  I went on meds 2 years ago.  People were wary of my experience untill they saw a special on PBS about bottled water verses tap water and called me to say it was true.



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