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i am interested in starting a social club for straight black and latin singles

in ten years I have not found one that served my purpose
I am 56 female straight, i have come across two social groups

1- 30 to 65 -male female = gay
2 -all ages male, female - have passes for leave the rehab for this party
than back on the bus

I would like a place fo us male, female ,single, straight. black and hispanic over 35  someplace
in manhatten. - there are many of us out there we just dont know how to find each
 other, and meet face to face. and feel free.
If there is anyone interested in helping me do this for us.
I want it to be a place to meet someone in public, not over the net.
I want to bring us together, if everyone could appreciate being with people
who connect without speaking. we may be lucky enough to meet someone special.
that cant happen on the net.
so if anyone would like to help me with this i would appreciate it.
i have thought about this for a  long time.  and i think it was be encouraging.
i love when it comes together.
i want to see everyone having a good time,
not to make you feel like a leper, people stayed away from lepers, we stay away from people more and more, you forget sometimes that you are not the only has it, but other than the dcs office,  we never meet poz people,by chance on the street.
how sad is it that we are looking for love on a machine.   
so can anyone give me a starting point

Congrats on stepping up to take the bull by the horns!

I offer these suggestions on getting started:

1.  Contact the NY Association on HIV Over Fifty, based at GMHC. ....they obviously serve the top end of your target pop and do so across sexuality lines, but they surely know of people with similar desires

2.  Learn from Strength In Numbers NYC, the Gay male social group.  When it comes to organizing and living with HIV, you have a lot more in common than in difference!

3.  Talk to infectious disease docs.  These are the people who come in contact with the folks you want to bring together.  I know that SIN groups in many cities get a heavy volume of referrals from doctors.

4.  Talk with supportive churches and other organizations about space.  I have friends in Manhattan, Queer as they may be, who have been involved in HIV services without regard to race, gender, or sexuality for years, and I would be delighted to put you in touch with them to find supportive orgs.

5.  Get out there on social networking sites NOW.  Places like myspace, facebook, and LinkedIn to attract people who are looking.

6.  Contact HIV dating sites to request free ads in advance of when they are needed.  Sites will jump at the chance to sponsor events.


  I know that SIN groups in many cities get a heavy volume of referrals from doctors.

Hey Folks,

The above from a recent reply to someone looking for love.

Always up for SIN myself...I would like to know more about SIN groups.
Is this some kind of Sixties like group grope thing???


Sorry, no 60s holdover .... see


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