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Alcohol and antidepressants

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Just John:
Thank you.

To be honest I re-read the info leaflet with the tablets and also ran this by the support nurse at my clinic. He advised against drinking at all of course but also said that it wouldn't cause any permenant damage in moderation.

So I went ahead and warily tried a couple with which I was ok - so I went on to have a merry christmas.  ;) :)


Alcohol  can be a contributing factor for depression. i don't drink because of it. I tend to drink daily or near daily but not more than 1-3 when i drink but it definitely effects my mental health when i do. I am much happier and feel much more vibrant when i don't drink. I was taking lexapro for a  bit but between the sexual side effects, somnolence and, weight gain i couldn't handle it. it was great for the depression though. I am on wellbutrin now


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