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I have pets I've yet to show off! Bwaha!



He was named after the cat in the Disney movie Hocus Pocus. Which was my favorite Halloween movie when I was little. I got him when I was ... 7 or 8, I think. He was born September 1st and was about 4 months old when I got him. He's like my little fuzzy shadow. When I'm not feeling well and opt to spend the day in bed he curls up with me all day long and either crushes my lungs by laying flat on my chest or curls up on my side or tries to fit inbetween my legs. Hahaha.

He also chases invisible things in room and keeps me amused. He's incredibly chubby. xD. I love him though, he's squishable and if you hug him hard enough he goes, "URRGH!". Hahaha.


Ehehehe. Sorry Bailey. :P. She had to be named as such. Bailey-rat is kind of timid. She doesn't like being held very much but is a total ham when people pay attention to her. -.-;. She's a pretty rare color variation (agouti berkie) and other rat owners are pretty envious of her when I show her off. :3.


SHE IS CRAZY ABOUT ATTENTION. She gets into everything and is a master escape artist. She's also a lot more outgoing than her sister and is just a basic black berkshire variation. She's also the decorator and just insists upon shoving bedding out of their cage onto the floor because she moves stuff around. She's also learned to weave paper towels in and out of the bars on the upper level of the cage in order to make a nest, which baffles me. She's crazy smart.

The rat condo!

A mess, as usual.

A recent picture of Morgan on his wheel, feeling a little better. He's got an appointment for another shot at the vet in a bit over an hour from now, so I've got to go shower and get him ready. :3.

So how does your cat and the rats get along?


--- Quote from: Christine on July 12, 2006, 05:48:50 PM ---So how does your cat and the rats get along?

--- End quote ---

yeah wondering here too. whatta buncha cute "fur friends"

The cats just stare at the rodents.

Just stare.

They want them, but can't get them. And when I walk in the room they scatter because they know they're not supposed to be near them. xD.

Just got back from the vet by the way. Morgan got another shot, and he's back on antibiotics because he's, guess what

The connection between me and this mouse.  :D
He's okay though. We're taking care of it and my vet seemed pleased.

Maybe you should swap names between Morgan and Fiver....

Just Sayin'


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