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Whats In YOUR Internet Radio ????

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I'm hopelessly addicted to Internet radio stations. They're what Radio should be. We had the computer linked to the stereo system a few years ago and never looked back. MAC's come with Itunes pre loaded and I easily have access to a couple of hundred radio stations  Ive located a few favorites :

Radio Paradise without a doubt the best one.  Its an 'Eclectic' station something that unfortunately doesnt seem to exist in the broadcast radio world.  Its not unusual to hear Mozart, Jimi Hendrix, Van Morison, Johnny Cash, The Gratefull Dead and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in one stretch. Whatever the DJ is in the mood for.

Pig Radio new music and indie bands that youll probablly never hear anywhere else. They also like to stick cute lines of dialog from movies between the songs. Not always G rated movies either... The songs are uncensored so its not really work friendly but youll definitely be better off getting some fresh music...

Radio Margaritaville Yep Its Jimmy Buffets Radio station. Nuff said ?

Fistfull Of Soundtracks  Nothing but Movie soundtracks... oddly entertaining
the DJ is obviously some geek in a basement somewhere....

There are plenty more, Trance and Rave stations, Comedy stations, Folk, Bluegrass Jazz, Blues Classical, you Name it. I cant remember the station, but I once found a French 'Alternative Rock' station that was a real trip...

Sadly, broadcast Radio is really in the toilet. I cant stand to listen to it . Even my Mom has a Satellite radio, her only local radio station is a Public Broadcasting Station that tends to be a bit heavy on Native American Songs...
She once calmly told me that if she heard one more Fucking Raindance that she was going to lose it, and that the anouncer, LittleBear (I shit you Not)  seemed to be drunk most of the time...

Is anyone else in Love with internet Radio ?

At work and at home, I listen to a different form of internet radio - Sirius.  I have a radio in my car, a portable, and my partner has one in his car.  I'm truly addicted to satellite radio.  In 1.5 years, I've listened to about 10 minutes of radio and maybe 2 CD's in my car.  It's nice to go on a long road trip and have the same radio stations as when I left home.  I agree with you about terrestrial radio these days ... it sucks!

I bought a Sirius satellite radio about a year ago and haven't looked back since.  There's just a shitload of stations, although to be honest, there's only a handful I listen to on a regular basis.

I didn't know anyone with satellite, so I got a wild hair up my ass one day and bought one at Best Buy, but it's really been one of the best purchases I've ever made.  Gotten hours of enjoyment.

My favs: The Beat (dance), The Strobe (ahem, *disco*), Area 33 (electronica/trance), Chill, Sirius OutQ (gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender)....even BBC Radio 1!

Plus can get it over the internet via

I don't even bother with broadcast radio anymore, unless it's NPR on the way to work.

Ahhh I love Pig Radio. I'm a bit of an indie kid though

When Music Downloading and XM radio was making headlines a few years ago, some rockstar said  "If radio didn't suck so bad, none of this would be an issue"  I couldnt agree more.

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